Correcting for a non-optimum viewpoint

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Correcting for a non-optimum viewpoint

Post by nwphoto » Sat Dec 12, 2009 12:09 pm

A friend painted a mural on three panels of a dodecagon(?) 12-sided space in a school, then asked me to photograph it.
As well as the challenge of being on three panels, it is high up, and the best viewpoints were not available because there was a tipi in the middle of the display space.

I wanted to shoot each of the panels straight-on, but the tipi and other constraints prevented that. So I shot the whole thing in a single image, extracted the three panels with Photoshop's cropping tool with perspective correction, adjusted the scale so their heights matched and the width looked right, then stitched them.

The result is a rectangle that represents what the three panels would look like if they were in the same plane, and viewable at eye-level. Roland was very pleased with it.

If I were doing something like this again, I would stick some small reflective markers in the corners of each panel before shooting, to facilitate making more accurate crops and joins. These would be cloned out after stitching.

The images (3) are here:- ... 2386_2faZH
John Hall

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