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Post by TKSharpless » Thu Feb 17, 2011 1:18 am

I don't suppose you've been wondering what I've been up to for the past 18 months, but...

The first member of the the Panini Version 1 suite -- Panini-Video -- is now pre-beta. It converts wide angle and fisheye video to Panini projection, with interactive controls too numerous to mention. See the first-ever full HD Panini video clip at

Technically, Panini-Video unites a slightly tweaked FFmpeg (named PPmpeg) with an all-new Panini engine running in OpenGL shader code and supported by a Qt GUI and a lens and camera database. It runs from the command line exactly like FFmpeg; but if you ask for the 'panini' video filter, the Panini-Video GUI pops up. Eventually I may make the GUI come up first and run the PPmpeg part on an internal command line; but I do like the flexibility of having the full FFmpeg command interface available.

On my machine, max conversion rates are 5.7 fps at 1920x1280 and 14 fps at 1280x720, with H.264 in and out. Almost all the time is spent on decoding the video to RGBA and encoding it again; the 'Panini time' is negligible by comparison. Of course you can slow the frame rate even more, pause, and single-step to make it easier to follow the video with the perspective controls. Someday, if it becomes a commercial tool, it might get proper 'animation-style' facilities to record and replay control sequences.

In a week or two the beta source will be on SourceForge, project name paniniperspective. During the Spring I shall be releasing betas of two more suite members: Panini-Photo for correcting photos (not only perspective but tca and vignetting too) at full resolution, and Panini-Pano for extracting high-res views from full panoramas. And even Panini-Stitch, for very fast (but not too accurate) stitching of panos from array cameras like Jan Martin's.

Cheers, Tom

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