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Best compression ptgui

Post by charlestupman » Fri Jul 06, 2012 8:44 am

Hi, I use ptgui to create my Panoramas, I am trying to get as crisp a look as I possibly can and have been impressed by panoramas such as those found at however when I try to compress the images to take in the most crisp sharpness I always seem to fall short. I found out that the best quality comes if If I export it at full resolution from ptgui then reduce the quality in photoshop to 1-2 megs, however Tourweaver then takes forever to load the images, if I shrink them down to half resolution then reduce quality they load much faster but the pictures aren't nearly as good. Does anyone have an optinion on what the best compression options are for a ptgui to photoshop to tourweaver workflow? You can see my tours at
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Re: Best compression ptgui

Post by johnh » Sun Jul 08, 2012 7:10 am

Good quality panoramas need to be generated from an equirectangular image of at least 5000x2500 pixels. The important thing is the cubic tile size, and a good rule of thumb for this is pano width divided by pi (3.142). So a tile size of 1590 or 1910 is quite usual for full screen panoramas. Quality setting (compression) in Pano2VR is 75 or 80, being set to avoid banding artifacts in blue sky and similar bland areas. Flash and QTVR files tend to come in at 2 to 4MB. I have no experience of Tourweaver. The image content affects the compressed files considerably. Lots of detail -> bigger files.


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