problems setting control points in region

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problems setting control points in region

Post by Neal » Tue Aug 26, 2014 5:36 pm

I am trying to make a panorama that has been shot as a 3 by 14 grid on a
home-made head. My first attempt (to automatically create a preliminary
image) bombed after 3-4 hours with an "out of memory" error message from
enblend. For my second attempt, I tried to tell the program
specifically which images to generate control points for (only
vertically or horizontally connected images in the grid). This time, I
chose PTAPicker as the control point picker program, as the
documentation said. Then I tried using shift key & right click and drag
to draw a large rectangle on the left image in the picker. This worked,
but the instant I released the mouse button the rectangle disappeared.
Same thing when I drew the rectangle on the right image. Also, when I
released the mouse button the second time, nothing happened, i.e. no
control points appeared. Could you please suggest what I should do to
stitch my panorama? Thank you.


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Re: problems setting control points in region

Post by maxlyons » Wed Aug 27, 2014 1:43 pm

Hi Neal,

It sounds like there might be a couple of things going on. If Enblend failed due to out-of-memory, then I suggest just reducing the output dimensions, and trying again. For example if the width and height (on PTAssembler's Step 5 screen) were 10000x5000, then try reducing these by the same factor (e.g. to something like 2000x1000) and create the final pano again.

It sounds like the problem isn't with the creation of control points; if you get to the stage where Enblend is involved you are probably beyond the point where adding/modifying control points is necessary, (unless you got bad/unreasonable results from the optimizer (but you would surely have noticed that when generating the preview image).

It also might be worth starting with a smaller pano (say 1 row of 3 images) and working through that to get a feel for the process before starting with a big project.

If you post you PTAssembler project, we may also be able to offer some helpful suggestions.


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