Camera Position Optimization

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Camera Position Optimization

Post by WWG » Wed Feb 05, 2014 7:04 pm

I've use this PTA technique to fix parallax errors for handheld panos occasionally when there is a flat wall to use for a reference. This rather nice bit of graffiti art was on the side of a utility shed at a very un-photogenic lighthouse on the Big Island of Hawaii. There is a chain link fence just behind the camera about 5' from the wall so I couldn't get back far enough for a simple rectilinear shot. I decided to try a mosaic. I took 4 shots of the wall, walking along the wall about 3' between each shot. When I processed I made sure that control points were only on the face of the wall. In the upcropped source images there is ground in front and palm trees above. I used one of the inside images as a reference and let PTA camera position optimization take out camera motion for the other three.


It worked perfectly on the first try. The control point picker did not pick any points not on the wall. One pass with manual optimization was all it took.

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Re: Camera Position Optimization

Post by maxlyons » Thu Feb 06, 2014 10:28 am


Nice job! The camera position optimization feature in PTAssembler works well under exactly this type of scenario.

I have also found that it can help to reduce the size of parallax errors in hand-held panoramas, although it is somewhat hit-and-miss, and may not always work. If I'm having a hard time getting a hand-held pano to stitch correctly, I often try optimizing the camera position for every other image.


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