focal length calc problem & ?s for pta align&stack

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focal length calc problem & ?s for pta align&stack

Post by sballering » Tue Feb 12, 2013 7:15 pm

I'm new to PTA and I'm attempting to do exposure & focus blended panoramas.

1) My first problem is the data in my files indicate I'm shooting a 50mm lens with a crop factor of 1.5 which is correct. I add my files on step 1 and on step 2 I check the radio button for Focal Length and set it to 50 factor of 1.5 and the value correctly. I run the Align function. The focal length changes to 103mm and does not allow me to change it back. I also checked Use focal length in AUTOCREATE tab of Preferences and set to 50mm 1.5, it still changes to 103mm.

2) When I run the Align function during the process there are errors in opening files. Not really sure which files as it flies past very quickly. When the process completes I have a slew of tiff files but they all appear to be a solid mask type file (not say they are masks) it's just they have no image detail.

3) I have attempted various different methods to creating the above, using related based on position & defined stacks along with only adding the image files for a specific stack, all to no success. Is there an example somewhere of the steps in the order that need to be executed somewhere? Also it states in Help that you can configure Stacking to excute automatically after Align is finished in Preferences I really don't see a switch for that, what am I missing?

Please advise where I can post the project file and image files if that will help you help me. My image files are tiffs 16m shoots. I have a total of 24 files that make up the 3 exposures and 2 focus in a 3 position panoramas. I'm shooting using the Panosaurus head.


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Re: focal length calc problem & ?s for pta align&stack

Post by maxlyons » Thu Feb 14, 2013 11:22 pm

I'm new to PTA and I'm attempting to do exposure & focus blended panoramas...I run the Align function.
The "Auto-align" function is designed to align the images in a single stack of images (not create a panorama).

Can you post your project file? Images might be helpful as well, but if you can describe the panorama you are attempting to make (e.g. something like "6 component images, with 2 images in each stack, and 3 stacks used to create the panorama"), then that would help as well.



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