Source Image FOV Calculation Questions

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Source Image FOV Calculation Questions

Post by seigell » Fri Oct 04, 2013 2:14 pm

PTA has almost always correctly handled the Source Image FOV Calculations for all my Panos which include Source Images of only one FOV value.
However, I have significant difficulty whenever I choose to attempt a Pano with dissimilar Source Images (either a Portrait Image amongst a Landscape set or an appreciable change of Zoom Lens Focal Length).
The FOV Calculation section of Step#2 appears to always and only consider the EXIF info of the first Image. It doesn't appear to recognize that multiple FOVs are present, even though by successfully reading the EXIF info of the first Image it has proven that it does successfully read EXIF info in general for the target photo set. That first Image FOV info is recorded into the FOV field of all Images (as per the data table of Step#1) - changing order of images bears this out. It is a bit awkward that Step#1 lists "FOV(v)" while the Step#2 FOV Calculation displays "FOV(h)". In my efforts, the FOV Calculation section is only active when the "Link FOV" box is Checked.

So, my workaround is to construct multiple Source Image lists, each with one of the FOVs to be found in the Image Set, and let PTA FOV Calculator perform its calculations based on EXIF info of that first Image. After recording the resulting values reported in the Step#1 FOV column (only displayed when "Link FOV" is Unchecked), I return to the intended original Source Image list then Uncheck "Link FOV" and proceed to Update the FOV Parameter for all Images not matching that Image Set's first Image.

I also find that in these cases, I often need to Enable Optimization on the FOV of the Images during the Auto-Optimization of Step#4 in order to further improve the resulting Pano.

Have I missed some Functionality that PTA is supposed to automatically perform ?? Or am I working an incorrect Workflow ?? Or simply missing a Simple Trick to handle Panos with multiple FOVs amongst its Source Images ??

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Re: Source Image FOV Calculation Questions

Post by maxlyons » Sat Oct 05, 2013 3:07 pm

seigell wrote:Have I missed some Functionality that PTA is supposed to automatically perform ??
No...PTAssembler doesn't attempt to deal with images with different FOVs automagically...currently, it just looks at the FOV for the first image, and assumes that all images are the same. Gven this, it sounds like the steps you are taking are reasonable. I may consider adding some more logic to the autocreate routine to handle this case more automatically in the future.


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