PTA Previewer making and leaving Temp Image Files

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PTA Previewer making and leaving Temp Image Files

Post by seigell » Mon Nov 24, 2014 8:36 pm

While working up a configuration and workflow that moves much of the Pano Stitching/Stacking/Blending onto a Very Space-Limited RAMDisk, I've found a rather significant "Disk Space Leak" in that the PTA Previewer creates persistent "pta_preview_####.tif" files in the designated TEMP directory.
These files are only about 3-6MB each, but over time these "tidbits" do add up...

It is easy to see that these Files are present in case an External Viewer is selected, but I'd bet that most PTA Users are very pleased with the Internal one...
Is there an actual purpose, when the Internal Viewer is selected ?? Or could these files be automatically Deleted once the Internal Viewer is closed ??

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