Where to get quality large prints

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Where to get quality large prints

Post by Buho » Sat Jun 20, 2009 10:13 am

aaronpriest wrote:[From here.]
Darv wrote:nicely done, this pano stuff is addictive
It sure is!!! I'm working on three more, including a 360 quicktime tour of a room. I'm still trying to figure out how to stitch a 360 though.

I can see I'm going to need a new computer if I start doing this alot. I tried the same scene on a quad core video editing workstation that I built recently for a friend and it was ~16x faster than my aging Pentium 4!

I got the above 34x20" print on canvas with a luster finish from epingo.com the other day. All I can say is W-O-W!!! Everyone I've shown it to has been amazed. I'd like to find a way to make a living with this since I love photography anyway and it would be a niche market up here in Maine.
I wanted to print some of my panos so I searched this forum for some recommendations. I have only previously printed one pano and that from Ritz Camera. The process stunk! Their printer only printed at 150dpi, even if I gave it a 300dpi file (hard pixels visible), and then I had to cut it to the frame, which is tough if I don't have a large cutting board.

Aaron above suggested ePingo.com so I tried it. They print to any size, cut precisely to that size, print at least at 300dpi on HP photo paper, and scale the price by square inch (it seems). They ship quality too, in a tube, with acid-free paper laid over the print and rolled together so the ink does not stick to the underside. It was packaged with instructions, too, because it seemed they were concerned about preserving the photo's high quality. The cut-to-size print fit perfectly in my frame. A 36x11.75" (30x90cm) print on glossy cost me about $35.

The print I got exceeded all my expectations. I was blown away by ePingo. I'm preparing three more panoramas to send to them to print so I can have a suite of panos framed on my wall. I just wanted to share this with anybody else who is interested in printing their panos. Share your favorite places, but I think I've found my service!

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Post by aaronpriest » Fri Jun 26, 2009 6:50 am

Awesome! Glad you like them. I too was blown away by their speed, quality, and attention to detail as you described. I've got more work to send their way coming soon... :-)

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