how to fuse multi-focus images

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how to fuse multi-focus images

Post by pbandurian » Fri Apr 02, 2010 9:42 pm

My project is to fuse a multi-focused macro of a flower. There are five images with focus on different parts of the flower. Should be a piece of cake.

But, as I change lens focus, the different parts of the flower distort differing amounts. I end up with multiple edges. I know the camera alignment is fine because the central part of the flower images all line up very well. I thought I'd try to fool Tufuse into picking only the sharp image by pre-processing the images. I darkened to black the parts of the images I wanted it to ignore. It sort'a worked but I ended up with shadows. How do I get Tufuse to use the parts I want and avoid the shadows. If I could get it to work, this could be a useful technique.

An alternative is to try PTAssembler. I have questions in that forum.

Thanks, Peter

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Post by dsjtecserv » Fri Apr 02, 2010 9:59 pm

As you change the focus, the focal length of the lens changes; each image is magnified a different amount. Thus the subject comprises a different percentage of the frame size in each image. TuFuse is only capable of fusing perfectly aligned images. Basically, you need to use a different program to align the images before they are fed to TuFuse. That also means that the extra portion of the widest images will need to be cropped off; the one with the most magnification is the only one that contains portions of the subject that are present in every image. You may need to take that into account when composing the image.

I believe that PTAssembler will both align and fuse the images, so that can be your one-stop solution. You can also use the auto-align feature in Photoshop to load the images as layers in a single image, align them, crop the excess, and save the layers as separate files, which can then be given to Tufuse.


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Post by ATucker » Fri Apr 02, 2010 10:40 pm

Please check Max's replies in this thread regarding the auto-align features of PTA.


Alternatively, you could use CombineZ, up to version P now. It will auto-align and focus stack.
pbandurian wrote: I try to manually remove those erroneous control points but they keep coming back. It's whack a mole!
In my experience, this does not occur. When I remove control points, PTA does not replace them. After you manually remove control points in the Step 3 tab, do you go back to Step 1 and AutoCreate?? If so, then AutoPano is run again and more control points added.

Instead, after removing the unwanted control points and adding your own in Step 3, go to Step4 and either Auto Optimize or Manual Optimize. This should resolve your problem regarding unwanted control points being added. (Assuming you were running Auto-Create again).

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