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Tufuse pro - operation

Post by Iraussie » Sat May 21, 2011 8:56 pm

Hello all users, I have renewed my asociation with Tufuse Pro for fusing brackets of images before stitching them in a stitching application.
By way of explaining, I have found that I can get good results from fusing batches of 3 or more images into what I call a tile and then stitch those tiles together. Way less alignment problems.
Its been some time since I used this program and am asking-
Do the settings applied in batch 1 ( 1 0f 30) APPLY TO ALL OF THE BATCHES, must one set each batch settings seperately.
How can one view each fused batch.
My workflow is to - Load raw files into DPP and correct exposure of any unsuitable image. Then batch process thos files as TIFF to a new folder
Using tufuse pro I then fuse each bracket into a tile.
Run those tiles through my stitching application - Auto panogiga.
(I know that I could use ptassembler but I like the gui of APG)
Thank for any help responses
Pano addict

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