I need a little help with a pano + star tracer

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I need a little help with a pano + star tracer

Post by luigi » Sat Jul 24, 2010 6:22 pm

Hi All,

I took 10 images for each frame in the pano 20'' each. I stacked each frame to get longer trails. So far so good.
I can also stitch the pano.
But then I can't find a way to make star-tracer work over the resulting pano.

I input the resulting FOV trace the trails but the optimizer reports crazy values. Then it reported good values but the result was totally mangled.

Is my workflow ok?
What am I doing wrong? If you can give me a hand I'll appreciate the support.


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Re: I need a little help with a pano + star tracer

Post by maxlyons » Sun Jul 25, 2010 9:13 am

luigi wrote:What am I doing wrong?
It is hard to say without more information. My guess is that you may not have specified the panorama characteristics correctly. Make sure the FOV and projection types are correctly.

Also, if the center of the projection is not the same as the center of the image, i.e. the panorama was cropped either by you or the software you used to create it (quite likely if you aren't sure), then you'll probably have to specify the correct "d" value and/or let the optimizer deduce it.


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