Recomended number of rotations for stack with dark frame gap

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Recomended number of rotations for stack with dark frame gap

Post by Paul2660 » Sat Sep 24, 2011 8:47 pm

I would appreciate anyone's ideas on this.
My Medium format back will not allow me to turn off noise reduction on any exposure longer than 1". I have realized now
that in most cases when working with moon light stacking makes more sense than a single long exposure. The trails are much
brighter and the sky won't make the dimmer stars less visible.

Phase One doesn't allow you to turn of Long exposure noise reduction. So if I set the camera to shoot for 45 minutes at 30" exposures, I will '
have a gap after each exposure since the Phase One back will take a 30" dark frame after the shot, then exposure again, then dark frame etc.

I figure that there is a optimal setting in Star Tracer that will allow me to close all of these gaps, So for a 45 minute exposure at 30" per exposure, I will
get 45 exposures and 45 dark frame gaps. So I will be trying to close 45 gaps.

How many rotations + and - would be recommended for this type of shot?

Paul Caldwell

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Re: Recomended number of rotations for stack with dark frame

Post by maxlyons » Fri Dec 23, 2011 3:02 pm


I think a single rotation of 30 seconds should do the trick. It might be the case that there are some small gaps (depending on if the 30 second pause is really 30 seconds or slightly longer). If so, you might try two rotations of about 20 seconds.


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