Image Stacker - problem with certain png files

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Image Stacker - problem with certain png files

Post by Datamaskin » Thu Mar 01, 2012 6:47 pm


FIle names as uploaded screenshot of Pixelstacker tells about location and file names.

Description of failure (from mine point of view)
After clicking the "Create" button, the dos-like window pops up and stays open for just a fraction of a second. No chance to read any text in that window.

If I convert those files to BMP and then do the stacking on bmp files, there is no problem. Only with png files, aparently.

Oh, the zip file I created that holds the original png files is appearently too big for this forum. Anyway, it's no problem to recreate similar files, just use Irfanview to take snapshots of any program window with same size.

OS = XP sp3
Firewall = Newest version of ZA
Image Stacker version = (having payed for the registered version of course)

I hope that should be enough info to make a fix to this.


It just stroke me that Image Stacker doesn't support png's. Am I right?
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