Exposure, Whitebalance and Vignetting



1. Exposure and Whitebalance Adjustments

This chart shows a summary of exposure and whitebalance adjustments for each image.

2. Camera Response Curve

This chart shows the reponse curve that converts light intensities captured by the sensor to values recorded in image file.

3. Vignette Curve

This chart shows the amount by which vignetting reduces the amount of light captured by the sensor towards the edges of the image.
Vignetting center (x,y) is offset from center of image by 0,0 pixels.

4. Adjusted/Unadjusted Error Histogram

This chart shows a summary of errors before and after exposure, whitebalance and vignetting adjustments are made.

5. Adjusted/Unadjusted Errors (sample)

This chart is a scatterplot showing the impact of adjustments on errors for a small sample of points in the images.