Visual Basic 6 Runtime Files

Many of Windows programs on TawbaWare's site were written using Visual Basic 6 (VB6). In order to run most of these programs your computer needs to have a few "helper", or "runtime", files installed (see below for a list). Once you've installed these files, you should be able to run most programs written in VB6. If you try launching a progam without these run-time files, you'll probably get an error and the progam will refuse to start.

In fact, it is quite likely that you already have these files if you've ever installed another VB6 program. If you do, they'll probably be in your C:\windows\system (or equivalent) directory. If you don't have all of these files, or aren't sure, you can find them on Microsoft's site (Microsoft seems to change the location of these files regularly, so I've linked to their Visual Basic page, because any link I put to the files themselves are bound to go "bad" in the near future...try looking for "vbrun60sp5.exe"), or from my site (here).